3 Blade Pedestal Stand Fan, 16 Inches, 3 Speed Setting, Oscillating, Tilting Head


Are you searching to buy pedestal standing fan online? Can you look further to enjoy in summers? You can enjoy the height of the fan till 16 meters. After that, one can prefer to sit at 140cm apart to enjoy the cooling effects of the fan. Also, it gives the person to adjust the height according to their desire. One also has three different speed settings.  

One can observe the cross brass, oscillations and tilting head. In addition, you can visualize the fan with many colours.  

What are the features that you can enjoy in the pedestal fans 16 inches? Let's have a look at it.  

Have a look at the features to enjoy in commercial pedestal standing fan 

  • Pedestal Fan 16 inches Online: Firstly, you can locate the fan in different colours, including black and white. It allows you to oscillate the fan to enjoy the outing with your family. Also, it creates felicity to adjust the heights and titling effects. The oscillation of the commercial pedestal fan has more abilities. Hence, it can easily cover a large area. Within no time, you can feel the cool breeze coming from the fan. 
  • Higher Performance: Pedestal Standing Fan can deliver the cool air than ever felt. Also, one can adjust with three-speed settings. It will allow you to get maximum comfort. This commercial pedestal fan allows one to control powerful airflow tricks. You will indeed enjoy the cooling effects in home and office also. 
  • Eco-friendly Fan: You will glad to know that it will only take up 45W of power consumption. It's the best non-stop summer operations. Hence, you can throw all your worries in the trash and sit in front of a fan. Also, you won't need to pay more on bills. This product has got CE approval. Isn't it a great feature to grab?
  • Modern and High Tech Controlling: The fan has an elegant design to suit your modular corner. There's the mesh safety grill adjusted to protect you from any danger. You can hold the height to 1.4 m maximum. Hence, one can go for titling comfort. Here side you can see the extra-wide cross base. It will allow the pedestal fan 16 inches to gain maximum stability. What else can you expect from such great products? 
  • Easy to Store: What if you don't need the presence of a fan? So what? You have the power to easy dismantle the commercial pedestal fan in the winter season. Also, it will not acquire more of your space. One can easily use this fan in travelling also. It's portable, light and easily attachable. One should surely buy a pedestal fan online.  

Why should you choose pedestal standing fan?  

Friends look here; this pedestal standing fan delivers you the highest amount of features. Hence, a person can easily enjoy the summer on their lawn, garden, balcony and more. 

You can easily assemble and dismantle the fan. Also, it can cover a great distance with adjustable heights. The fan comes with total safety. Can you find any reason to have regrets about this product? It would help if you indeed bought a pedestal fan online. 

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