10 PK England St George’s Hand Flag With Stick, 8x5-inch


Buy 10 PK Of England St George’s Small Hand Waving Flag

This pack of 10 flags is perfect for any occasion. They are made out of 100% polyester with a plastic stick, so they have the advantage of being waterproof and quick-drying. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

These St George’s flags are Great for holding and waving. They will not fade after rain, will not curl easily, and are unlikely to be deformed.

This flag is Ideal for many occasions, such as military parades, parties, desk decorations, Sports events, patriotic activities, National Day celebrations, festivals, and so on.

10pk England St George's Flags are a must-have for all football supporters for celebrating the FIFA World Cup 2022. These flags are also perfect for hand waving to show your support.

This is a pack of 10 hand flags, each hand flag measures 8x5inch.