Tower Cooling Fan 120 Minutes Timer with Auto Power Off, 3 Wind Modes


Are you looking for buy tower fan with remote control? It's an awesome device having 81.5 cm in elegant white colour. Here one can observe for 120 minutes of timer. It will help one to make auto power off. It's better with three different modes for oscillation. It will surely spread around every corner of the room. 

Hence, one can get an eco-friendly structure out of it. One can get perfect sleep with this cooling tower fan. Why? Umm! It's because of its latest technology for getting into quiet operations of this product.  

What are the Features of this Tower Cooling Fan?  

  • Higher cooling efficiency with this fan: 

This Tower Cooling Fan helps the person get the best cooling ever. It will surely make you feel optimum cooling effects. Also, this fan gets down with quiet operations. It gets ideal for making the uses in offices as well as bedrooms. Hence, one should indeed prefer to buy tower fan online. 
  • One hundred twenty minutes of timer with this great cooling tower fan: 

This product gets down with the integration of auto shut off features. Hence, you won't need to interrupt your sleep to shut off the cooler. You need to select the hours. After this, it will automatically shut off. Isn't it more convenient to use? All people can use it very easily to any corner of their house.  
  • Eco-friendly property of this tower fan with remote control:

This product only takes the consumption of 45W. Wow! It's great for saving electricity. It has a tag for the perfect solution for getting non-stop comforts.  

Extra ordinary benefits for using this Cooling Tower Fan: 

  • One can use this cooling tower fan without worries of long bills. 
  • Comes with adjustable speed and oscillations: 

Why buy tower fan online? It's because this product lands with three adjustable speed settings. It includes high, medium and low speeds. Also, this can give you left and right widespread oscillations. Hence, it proves effective to use this tower fan with remote control. Also, the cool breeze can reach up to all corners of the house. Hence, it convenient to use this product as a residential as well as commercial cooler. Right! 
  • Perfect dimensions and attractive colour: 

One can observe for the 81.5 cm of height with this product. Also, it's only 20 cm wider. This product land down with white colour. Hence, it can surely suit your modular interior. Why regret such a product?
  • Elegant design with the portable nature of this cooling tower fan: 

This product comes with the perfect technology with a slim and sleek design. Hence, one can tackle high tower structures. Therefore one can get space-saving designs. Therefore one can store it easily whenever in use.  

Why should you choose to buy tower fan online?  

One can get down with different structures for the tower fan with remote control. Even one should get down with criteria out of it. It's a perfect way to get down with lightweight structures. Hence, all people can enjoy adjustable speeds, oscillating mode and more. 

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