2Pk Of Double Door Draught Excluder for Bottom of Door, 93cm Thicker


Buy Energy Saving Under Door Draft Stopper, Weather Stripping Noise Blocker 

Keep your room free of dust and noise, block the light, and seal the door gap. Stopping the cross-flow of cold and hot air will help you use less air conditioning energy. It can close gaps between 3 and 13 mm.

About This Item

  • Draft Door Stopper is movable with your door, so there's no need to stoop to adjust it continuously. It includes a vinyl cover that is simple to trim to the right length and is very straightforward to clean. Double Protection = Double Sided!
  • The door's bottom draught excluder is composed of a special foam and vinyl design that won't harm or scrape the door or the floor.
  • This door draft blocker may be installed without needing tape or nails. The twin door draft stopper may be universally installed on most doors without needing adhesive.
  • You are extensively used to reduce drafts and seal in hot or cold air in various doors and windows, including your front door, rear door, garage entrance door, bedroom door, bathroom door, and window.
  • It will conserve energy by making it easier to use less energy to heat or cool your house.
  • After measuring your door size, the dual-sided draught-exclusion device cuts the length to fit the door or window. Suitable for 4 mm wide doors.
  • Size: 93 x 8.5 cm, two pack
  • This under-door seal strip has a firm PVC foundation for better adhesion, a soft PVC superstructure for extreme flexibility, an excellent seal, outstanding durability, and minimal harm to your floor.

The weatherstripping is constructed of environmentally friendly silicone, a natural substance, homogeneous in color, the same on the inside and outside, resistant to heat and cold, difficult to distort, and crisp.

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