9-Inch White Portable Air Cooling Fan With Tilt Feature And 2 Speed Settings


Buy 9 Inch Portable Air Cooling Fan Ideal For Desktop, Bed, Office, Home & Travel Use

Looking for a stylish and reliable 6-Inch Air Cooling Fan? Look no further than the ACCURATE 2 Speed Settings, Portable Air Cooling Fan with Tilt Feature, Rotary Switch, Base, and Portable Clip Fan! This fan is perfect for use at home, at the office, or on travel. Plus, its rotary switch makes it easy to adjust the airflow according to your needs.

  • Lightweight Desk Fan 

It's lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take it anywhere. Simply place it on your desk and angle it to face you to get a cooling breeze. It's also great for professional environments where a cool breeze is needed.

  • 2 Speed Settings

This fan has a 2-speed setting to help you find the perfect airflow for your needs, and it features a switch between a higher and lower airflow. Whether you're in the summer months or need a little extra cooling during the winter, this 9-inch portable air cooling fan is perfect for you!

  • Easy To Use

The Portable Air Cooling Fan is perfect for use in any workspace. This fan is fitted with easy-to-use control buttons on the base, making it simple to operate without the need for complex instructions.

  • Rotating Fan With Mesh Grill 

It has a rotating fan with a mesh grill to direct the airflow where you want it. The fan also has a safety feature that prevents the blades from being damaged. This fan is perfect for customers who need some fresh air.

  • Powerful Fan

This fan features a powerful 25W motor that delivers plenty of cooling power to any area. Whether you're at home or office, this fan will help you stay comfortable and cool. So don't wait any longer, order your Portable Air Cooling Fan today!

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