Heavy Duty Clear Pallet Wrap Cling Film, 17 Microns, 400MM x 250M


Buy Strong Multi-use Moisture & Water Proof Packaging Cling Film Ideal for Packing, Moving Heavy Objects, Pallet Wrap

Introducing our Strong Multi-use Clear Pallet Wrap Cling Film, a reliable packaging solution designed to make your moving and packing tasks easier and more efficient.

Product Features 

  • Moisture & Water-Proof

Provides exceptional moisture and water resistance, ensuring your items remain protected during transit or storage.

  • Heavy-Duty Packaging

Designed for heavy-duty packing, making it ideal for moving heavy objects and securely wrapping pallets.

  • 17 Microns Thickness

With a thickness of 17 microns, this cling film offers superior strength and durability, minimizing the risk of tears or breakage.

  • Dimensions

Generously sized at 400mm in width and 250 meters in length, offering ample wrapping coverage for various items.

  • High-Quality Material

Crafted from high-quality, strong materials to guarantee reliability and peace of mind during use.

  • Efficient Application

Boasts a great force of stickiness, making it easy to apply and ensuring items are securely wrapped for transportation.

  • Versatile Use

Ideal for a wide range of applications, including moving home, packing furniture, wrapping materials, securing luggage, and more.

  • Superior Stretch and Adhesion

Features excellent stretchability and self-adhesion properties, ensuring a perfect seal and providing additional security for your goods.

  • Reduces Risk of Damage

Protects your items from damage and loss during relocation, reducing the need for extra jobs and ensuring your items stay clean and intact.

  • Alternative to Strapping and Taping

Offers a reliable alternative to strapping, taping, or wiring, providing extra security to keep your items dry, secure, and clean.

  • Tear-Proof and Secure

The tear-proof nature of this cling film gives you confidence in knowing your items are securely protected, speeding up the moving process and offering peace of mind.

Experience the convenience and reliability of our Strong Multi-use Clear Pallet Wrap Cling Film, your trusted companion for packing and moving tasks.