20cm Silent & Non-Ticking Modern Quartz Wall Clock, Round


Buy A Large Number Round Clock for Your Home, Kitchen, Office, and School

Introducing our 20cm Silent & Non-Ticking Modern Quartz Wall Clock, a perfect addition to elevate your space. This contemporary round clock boasts large, easy-to-read numbers that ensure effortless timekeeping from a distance.

Product Features

  • Large 20cm Round Clock: 

A generously sized clock with a 20cm diameter, featuring easily readable numbers for effortless time checking, even from a distance.

  • Modern & Sleek Design: 

Designed with a contemporary aesthetic to seamlessly blend with any style of decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

  • Available in Black and White: 

Choose from classic black or pristine white to match your taste and complement your existing interior.

  • Reliable Quartz Movement: 

Powered by a dependable quartz movement for precise and accurate timekeeping, ensuring you're always on schedule.

  • Silent & Smooth Operation: 

Operates silently with a non-ticking mechanism, making it suitable for bedrooms and quiet spaces while providing an uninterrupted, peaceful ambiance.

  • Durable Plastic Construction: 

Crafted from durable plastic, guarantees longevity and resilience, making it a lasting addition to your decor.

  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: 

Effortlessly install and maintain this clock with its convenient back hook for easy hanging, enhancing convenience.

  • Enhances Any Space: 

Offers both style and practicality to any room in your home, kitchen, office, or school, ensuring you stay punctual with flair.

  • Versatile Usage: 

Ideal for various settings including homes, offices, schools, and more, catering to a wide range of environments.

  • Battery Operated: 

Powered by a single AA battery (not included), ensuring hassle-free maintenance and reliable performance.

  • Specifications:

Color: Available in both Black and white to match your interior aesthetics.

Display Type: Analog display for traditional timekeeping.

Product Dimensions: 20W x 20H centimeters

Elevate your space with this 20cm Silent and non-ticking Modern Quartz Wall Clock, combining style, functionality, and a serene ambiance. Perfect for those who appreciate a modern aesthetic without compromising on a peaceful atmosphere.