Square, Heart, Round, Octagon Push Pop Bubble Extrusion Bubble Fidget Sensory Toys (5 Pack)

  • Are you habituated to click your pen up and down while making concentrations? Or else you might enjoy popping of bubble wraps. If yes, then you should look at this product. This classic toy can be used for varied purposes. It includes fidgeting, motor skills, anxiety, geometry learning, cognitive, tactile thinking, and more. It can also prove the game for the players. Players can take the turn to pop the bubble in a single row. The player left with the pressing of the last bubble loses the game. 
  • This product gets prepared with high-quality BPA-free silicone materials. Also, its safe, tasteless, non-toxic, and more. It will not cause any harm to humans or pets. It has the property of resistance to falling, abrasion, and extrusion. 
  • This stress squeeze toy gets suitable for all kind of people. It includes office decompression, relief from fatigue, kids with ADD or ADHD, people with OCD, high stress/anxiety levels, and more. It gets as a home essential parent-child game toy. 
  • Press down the mouse bubbles. It will create popping sounds similar to popping bubble wrap. Again flip it and start this endless game. 
  • The bright color and pleasant sound can help one to reduce anxiety with concentration. You can reuse it after cleaning it for a longer time.