Galvanized Coated Garden Wire - 97.5ft, 14 Gauge, Grey (1.6mm x 30m) - Trellis, Plant Support, Vines


Looking for a strong, reliable wire to keep your garden flourishing? Look no further! This premium Galvanized Garden Wire is your one-stop solution for various outdoor projects.

Built to Last:

  • Durable Construction: The high-quality galvanized coating provides superior rust resistance, ensuring this wire weathers the elements for years to come.
  • Weather-Resistant: Rain or shine, this wire is built to withstand various weather conditions, offering reliable performance year-round.

Strength Meets Flexibility:

  • Sturdy 14-Gauge Thickness: This wire offers the perfect balance between strength and manageability, allowing you to tackle demanding projects while providing ease of use.
  • Easy to Handle: The 1/16-inch thickness (1.6mm) strikes the ideal middle ground, making manipulation and shaping a breeze.

Designed for Convenience:

  • Generous Length: With a substantial 97.5 feet (30 meters) of wire, you'll have enough to conquer multiple gardening tasks without running out mid-project.
  • User-Friendly Roll: The convenient roll format allows for effortless dispensing and cutting, streamlining your DIY projects.
  • Secure Packaging: We take pride in ensuring your wire arrives in top condition, ready to use straight from the roll.

A Touch of Sophistication:

  • Sleek Grey Color: This wire seamlessly blends into your garden's natural backdrop, offering a subtle and stylish touch.

Unmatched Versatility:

  • Ideal for Securing Plants: Provide crucial support for your delicate plants and keep them upright throughout the growing season.
  • Create Sturdy Trellises: Craft custom trellises to give climbing plants the structure they need to thrive.
  • Support Vining Plants: Guide vining vegetables and flowers upwards for optimal growth and a visually stunning garden.
  • Endless Applications: This wire's versatility extends beyond these examples, making it a valuable tool for countless gardening projects.

Professional Grade for All Levels:

  • Professional-Grade Quality: Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting your green thumb journey, this wire is built to meet the demands of any garden setup.


Q1: How does the galvanized coating benefit the wire?

Ans: The galvanized coating acts as a protective layer, offering superior rust resistance.

Q2: Is 97.5 feet enough wire for my garden projects?

Ans: With 97.5 feet (30 meters) of wire, you'll have ample length for most gardening tasks.

Q3: Will this wire be strong enough to support heavy plants or vines?

Ans: The 14-gauge thickness provides a good balance between strength and flexibility. It's suitable for supporting most plants, vines, and even creating small trellises.

Q4: How easy is it to cut and manipulate the wire?

Ans: The 1/16-inch thickness (1.6mm) makes this wire easy to handle. You can comfortably bend, tie, and cut it using gardening gloves and standard pruning shears.

Q5: Does the grey color blend in well with the garden?

Ans: Yes, the sleek grey color offers a subtle and stylish look that seamlessly integrates into your natural garden environment, avoiding an obtrusive appearance.