8FT Fast Set Swimming Pool Cover, Black


Buy Black Swimming Pool Covers Set To Prevent Dirt And Debris 

Do you have a fast set swimming pool that needs a cover? Fast Set Swimming Pool Covers are the perfect solution for preventing dirt and debris from accumulating in your pool.

  • Size

These covers fit 2.80 m (110 inch) fast set pools and are made of high-quality materials to keep your pool clear and maintained.

  • Durable Material: 

The Fast Set Swimming Pool Cover is perfect for keeping your pool clean and debris free. Made with a durable PVC material, this cover will keep your pool clean and looking its best. 

  • Fits To Fast Set Pools:

The swimming pool covers is fitted with included ropes to secure it around the inflatable ring, making it easy to use and perfect for professional use. 

  • Drain Holes:

This product features drainage holes so that water doesn't accumulate on top of the cover, making it easy to keep your pool clean. This cover prevents dirt and debris from accumulating in the pool, which keeps it clean and looking great.

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