Ground Cloth Swimming Pool Floor Protector, Blue


Buy Blue Ground Cloth Swimming Pool Floor Protector For The Bottom Of The Pool

An easy, helpful & effective way of extending the life of your swimming pool, this floor protector goes under the pool to protect the bottom from loose twigs, sharp rocks & dangerous waste.

The swimming pool floor protector creates a wall between the floor and the bottom of a pool protecting it from tearing to improve the lifespan of the pool. It is also ideal for protecting the lawn/grass from soaking water or spillages. 

The Ground Cloth Swimming Pool Floor Protector is made of PE material, which is safe and wearable and can protect the swimming pool very well. PE material tarpaulin sheet easily washed with soapy water to clean off mold.

Place the floor cloth under the pool to reduce wear and tear at the bottom. Easy to install, and it is suitable for all kinds of swimming pools. Can be folded, and it is easy to store during the winter months when your swimming pool is packed away.

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