6Pk Outdoor Scented Citronella Glo-Lite Jar Candle, Mosquito Fly Insect Repeller


Buy Outdoor Scented Citronella Glo-Lite Jar Candle, Insect Repeller Candle

Enjoy the instant, all-over glow of Scented Citronella Glo-Lite Jar Candle in bright fragrances! The magical shimmer of GloLite technology in this Scented Jar Candle is perfect for outdoor use. 

It is scented with high-quality citronella fragrance, for backyard, patio dining, gardening, picnics, camping, and outdoor use. Perfect when dining outside for summer, these look great on the table or garden path.

mosquito repellent candle is the best-known candle for creating a cozy ambiance and your home should never be without them! calm flame, reliable burning time, and excellent quality.

Outdoor Scented Jar Candle protects from unwanted flying insects, Repel flies insects & mosquitos.

It contains 6 packs and burns for up to 40 hours under ideal conditions.

It would be a nice gift for Party Favor, Weddings, anniversaries, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, etc.

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