Silicone 18 - Ice Cube Tray with Lid Super Easy Release Ice Cube Molds, Durable and Dishwasher Safe for Food, Cocktail, Chocolate - 4 Pack

  • Never run out of Ice: You need to make the ice cube molds made up with premium plastic trays. One can easily use it for practical, versatile methods. All these ice cubes can allow one to freeze down 18 ice cubes in a tray. Therefore one can enjoy refreshing ice-cold beverages anytime.
  • Super easy to use: What you need to do with this Ice Tray? Enjoy the fresh ice with adding the water into the trays. Later, place it in freezer. After few hours take out the lid. Later, you can enjoy the ice cube trays. Only pop up all the cubes of ice with single move.
  • Stackable design: All these covered with ice cube trays comes with practical lid. It will allow one to neatly put into freezer. Also, it would save much of the space. The lid can would not allow any smell and taste to enter in water. Hence, one can enjoy clear and clean ice cubes.
  • Use them your way: This product has great accessibility to make the ice cube clear. One can also use it for making summer delicates, cocktails, wine, fruit, ice creams, ice pops and more. The set of 4 ice cubes would allow in total 72 cubes. All these have good grade and BPA-free. Also, these proves dishwasher safe. Now stopping wasting money on the bags of ice cubes.

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