Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy, Autism Special Needs Stress Reliever Sensory Toy (3 Pack)

  • Do you like to play with a pen or pencil or any other toy to make the concentration? Or simply, you can remake child in you after seeing the bubble wrap. If yes, then you can get down with this toy. It comes with a classic desk design in a butterfly shape. You can use it to learn and cure many things. It includes learning geometry, motor skills, anxiety, fidgeting, cognitive curing, tactile thinking, and more. It proves as the game for two people. A player can make up a pop of row and pass it to the next one. The person choosing the last bubble would lose the game. Even one can consider it with different things. 
  • It gets prepared using high-quality BPA-free silicone material. Therefore its tasteless, safe, non-toxic, which doesn’t cause any harm to humans as pets too. It has resistance with falling; hence one can expect abrasion and extrusion. 
  • It has a sensory squeezer that can relieve you from stress. This product can make suitable for all age group of people. Also, one can find many uses for this product. It includes patients with OCD, high stress or anxiety, poor kids who have ADD or ADHD. You can spend valuable time with your child as a parent. Hence, this product proves home essential enlist. 
  • You can press the mouse bubble to hear the popping sound once you complete one side flip and start again to enjoy the sound. 
  • There is bright color and pleasant sound made in this toy. It would prove stress relief for people. It gets clean easily. Hence, this reusable product will last longer with you.