40 Pack Plastic Nursery, Nonslip Baby Coat, Space Saving Tubular Hangers (White)


Buy Nonslip Baby Coat Hangers For More Storage For Kids' Clothes

  • Ideal For Lightweight Clothes:

This space saving hanger with a tubular design is just what you need for your closet. These plastic hangers are designed to handle all types of clothing, from lightweight like shirts and dresses to a heavyweight like pants. Plus, these plastic clothes hangers are extra-strong so you don't have to worry about the edges giving out anytime soon.

  • Durable And High Quality Material:

They are made of high-quality polypropylene material to ensure the safety of your child. Being both durable and resistant to breakage.

  • Great Value: 

Set of 40, These are the best value kid’s hangers that will help you organize your child’s wardrobe in an instant. You can use the color dividers to help find what you need quickly and easily. 

  • Multi-Function:

Curiously designed to help you maximize space, these 40-pack plastic nursery hangers are perfect for children's clothes. The double shoulder notches enable you to hang the children’s skirts and dresses with ease, whilst the stackable feature allows for multiple items to be hung together in one neat line. And with a white finish, these hangers will fit seamlessly into any decor scheme.

  • Dimensions:

Our Plastic Hangers with Nonslip Baby Coats are perfect for keeping clothes in great shape. The hanger is 28cm x 14.5cm x 8.5cm and is the right size for baby clothing, as well as toddlers size clothing. If you're looking for space saving tubular hangers, our White coat plastic kids hangers are just what you need!

  • Pack Size: 2X40PK

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