Garden Leaf Grabber Picker Stick, Long Arm Rotating Gripper Tool


Grabber Stick/Grabber Tool for Grabbing Leaves in the Garden

You may rake and scoop large leaves with only one sweeping stroke with leaf grabber Stick. A straightforward toolkit to make clearing your grass more effective.

Bout the Item

Easy grabbing: Equipped with a magnetic claw that makes it easier to grab metal objects like screws, bolts, keys, and coins, among others. These include an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip, which lowers the amount of labor required, makes it simple to pull the trigger, and generally makes work more straightforward. No more bending without a need

Premium material: Constructed from premium aluminum and a steel cord that is incredibly sturdy within. The grabber claw is covered with quality rubber for optimum grip strength, enabling you to quickly pick up things of various sizes and shapes, including glass, dangerous needles, sharp objects, cans, bottles, and cartons. Lightweight and robust design

Multi-purpose 4-pack set: This multipurpose garbage picker stick tool will be there whenever you need it. It may be utilized for various purposes, including trash management, parks, gardening, and outdoor labor. You may take things from the ground, the top shelf, parks, gardens, streets, under furniture, and other challenging locations.

VERSATILE: Suitable for both right- and left-handed people. This device can enhance your quality of life if you suffer from a health condition that makes lifting objects difficult. Those with mobility issues may find this hand tool extension a life-changing aid. This disability aids selector makes it simple to enhance the daily lives of wheelchair users, the elderly, and disabled individuals.

Dimensions: If you need more than bending over, the pickup tool's 75cm length makes it the perfect helpful hand grabber for reaching things on the floor.

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