Premium Straw Beach Mats, 180X75 CM


Buy Straw Beach Mats For Beach, Picnics, And Lounging

Wish you can sit and relax outdoors without sand or dirt working its way into places where it shouldn't be?

Getting down on the ground offers a further level of connection to the atmosphere. If you’re into yoga and sunbathing, you can relate. However, the debris that clings to you afterward can spoil the occasion. Remain neat and mess-free with Premium Straw Beach Mats!

Planning on taking a vacation or an outdoor excursion? Don’t forget to bring our straw beach mats! Our Beach Mat protects you, your bag, and your food from any kind of waste. Sit and lie down on the floor without coming in touch with the hot sand or stony landscape.

The beach mats are made from premium grade and its easy to roll up and lightweight to carry, the beach mat rolls tightly into the ideal size to slip into a beach bag or side pouch.

It comes with a size of around 1.8 meters long and 0.7 meters broad and in mixed colors blue, red, and green.

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