A4 Glass Clear Plastic Wallets Punched Poly Pocket Paper Document Files


45 Micron Poly Pocket Paper Document Files

A4 punch pocket document wallet, also known as Poly Pockets, are A4 plastic sleeves or folders having a multi-hole perforated spine down the left side, allowing them to fit nicely into laminated sheets and lever arch files.

High sturdy pocket folders, front and side opening, and sometimes even extra capacity polymer punched pockets are available in a variety of styles, weights, and sizes. People usually search for punch pockets that are 80 microns thick and come with 100 folders per pack. These are still of good quality, but they are usually very inexpensive.

The following are the features of the a4 punched pocket Set: 100 Multi plastic popper wallet with Top Loading 70 Mcn Portrait with a clear finish It neatly stores your paper documents that can be used for filing. With the open files, this is quite beneficial. Such pockets make it possible to receive articles without damaging the paper.

Features :

  • Buy punch pocket document wallet, It could be used to replace some outdated wallets that were of poor quality and kept splitting; they are much better quality and glossy.
  • Use with treasury tags for revision materials, university work, and office use, with perforated holes for binders organiser.
  • The surface of our Professional sheet protector is smooth and stiction-free. Additionally, whether you are an officer or a teacher, our clear sheet protector is accessible to carry.
  • Keep papers and communication clean, safe, neat, and orderly with this crystal clear, thicker-than-average binder with a white spine and large glass pockets for photocopying.
  • Convenient to use, keeps your paperwork organised, isn't too heavy, and can hold up to 3 or 4 sheets each pocket.

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