Instant Fix Seals Emergency Flat Tyre Inflate Puncture Repair Kit, 2X300ml


Buy Emergency Flat Tyre Puncture Repair Kit For Van, Car, and Motorcycle

Looking for a quick and easy emergency puncture repair solution? Look no further than our Instant Fix Seals Emergency motorcycle flat tire repair kit!

Specially formulated foam is injected into your tire to seal off the puncture while the aerosol inflates the tire to a serviceable pressure, allowing you to drive to a garage for inspection.

Our safe, non-toxic formula doesn't damage tires, and the Foam Formula provides an immediate temporary tyre inflator that seals and inflates tires.

Easy to use to remove the object which caused the puncture and troll your wheel so that the tire Valve is on top. This is not a permanent tire repair, only temporary, but it can be used for any tyre - cars, bikes, and motorbikes, etc.

So if you're in a pinch and need a quick fix, our 300ml Quick Instant Flat Tyre Inflate Puncture Repair Kit is the perfect solution! Be prepared for flat tires and leaks, and you won't be stuck waiting for help to come to you.

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