Prime Quality Natural Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp


Home Decor Natural Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp With Dimmer Switch to Control Brightness

Package Contains - One unit of this pink Himalayan salt crystals lamp includes with standard 3 pin type outlet and a button on-off switch in the package. Also, a 15W clear pygmy design bulb is included. All of these are CE certified and attached immediately to this lamp in the form of a power socket.

Health Benefits - Many diseases can be cured by using a Himalayan crystal salt lamp. You must turn on the light and the lamps become hot. Negative salt ions generated by salt lamps improve blood flow, improve sleep, and raise serotonin levels in the brain. It is also known to help with allergies and other illnesses. Because of its vibrant colors, this lamp is utilized in chromotherapy. The crystal has a calming effect on neurotic people and those who suffer from insomnia.

Used as a SAD Lamp - Hygroscopy is used by Himalayan rock crystal lamps to filter the air. It absorbs water molecules into the salt crystal, which helps to eliminate bacteria that cause asthma and allergies. It is well known for its usage in reducing stress and reducing allergy symptoms. Dust, smoke, and other air molecules are trapped in the Himalayan salt. 1Above sells Himalayan salt crystal lamps to help you relax.

Ideal for the Gift - This 2-4 Kg salt crystal lamp available online is an ideal gift to your loved ones when you are concerned about their health. Also, the beautiful lighting with the amazing quality is perfectly suitable to fit in your room decor.

Best Quality - One of the lamp's standout features is its Himalayan rock crystal. Natural Himalayan pink salt is used to make it. So why not light up your space and have a healthier and more fulfilling life?

Note: Due to the nature of the salt lamp, the form, size, and color may vary from one product to the next. This salt is not meant to be consumed by humans.