Watering Can Red, Water Can for Indoor Plants, Garden, House Plants


CAPACITY: The watering cans comes up with 6L, 7L and 10L capacity. It can allow one with great water storage. It can help one to save from hours with its lifespan of walking back and forth. It comes with a garden to hose with fill-in back up. 

ROBUST AND HARDWEARING PREMIUM MATERIAL: This indoor watering can come up with made with weather-resistant plastics. It comes up durable and sturdy. One can ensure quality for long-lasting uses. It gets possible for all weather conditions. 

STYLISH: Its gets watering with the convent and simple for better use. But its also look stylish, with nice grip handles with complete detachable sprinklers. It can make water pouring easy to handle water for even flow.


  • 6L has measures of 40 cm length x 11 cm width x 31 cm height.
  • 7L has measures of 32 cm length x 18 cm width x 50 cm height. 
  • 10L has measures of 52 cm length x 20 cm width x 35 cm height.

 UK BRAND: Aesthetic pleasing British made with designs using high-density plastic. 

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