Buy 24PK Golden Plastic Winner Medals Necklaces


Golden Plastic Winner Medals Necklaces For Performances, Awards, Competitions 

Golden Plastic Winner Medals Necklaces are a perfect choice for winning events, commemorating achievements, and receiving commendations from your colleagues. They are bright, fun, and a great addition to any event.

The medals are made of plastic, wearing rope made of ribbon, winner medal's diameter is 3.5 cm/ 1.4 inch, Ribbon length is 30 cm/ 11.8 inch were put on sale at our online store with 24PK set.

A great way to celebrate winning, these gold plastic winner medals are just the thing. With 5 small stars on one side and a big star on the other, they make an impactful statement. The ribbon color is red, white, and blue.

These affordable plastic necklaces medals come with 2 red ribbons and have a white connector divided into 2 parts at the end of the ribbon. Just push one part into the other when applying it and if you want to remove it, just draw back the 2 parts.

The plastic medals are the perfect encouragement and praise, which is suitable for themed parties, festivals, competitions, sports days, school talent shows, and so on.

These 24 Golden Plastic Winner Medals Necklaces are a gold winner's medal for kids, suitable for any small competition or award. The medals are lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to apply. Not Suitable for Children Under 3 Years of Age.

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