A1 Laminated Wall Calendar, Planner With Stickers, And Dry Wipe Pen, 85cm X 58cm


Buy A1 Laminated Wall Calendar With Stickers, And Dry Wipe Pen

Calculate the days and months to the end of the year with our A1 laminated wall calendar. The large size is ideal for those looking to create a more visible wall planner. You can use the dry wipe pen on the markers to make changes or add details. 

This calendar includes a large 2024 year planner working from 13 months January 2024 through to January 2025. It is laminated, has stickers, and a dry wipe pen.

The perfect planner for everyday use, this planner includes writing space for each day, public holidays and adhesive dots to keep track of your most important tasks. 

This product comes with an A1 laminated wall calendar that is 85cm x 58cm. This is an unmounted, laminated planner ideal for home, office, or school