2023 Family Organiser Calendar - Shopping List, Memo Pad and Free Pen


Having a family organiser calendar at home is the best thing. Or we can say family organiser calendar 2023 with a pen is the most essential home thing.

In the teddy & big bear Calendar, you can keep the record of all things along with different columns for each month and week.

Therefore, you can write down the names of the family members and let them write their important dates along with a shopping list. Hence, buy the 2023 calendar with a shopping list online. 

Product Specification of Family Organiser Calendar

  • Material of the product- Paper
  • Colour- colourful consisting of light colours
  • Pattern- Teddy and big bear
  • Size of the product- 36 cm × 33cm
  • Hanging hook- available with spiral top
  • Number of columns in the calendar- 5
  • Months- 12, January to December
  • Special- free pen and memo pad

Features of the 2023 Family Organiser Calendar

  • The design of the family organiser calendar is so cute that you can't stop yourself from buying this. It has a colourful bear and a big bear on it.
  • 2023 family organiser calendar comes with the pen, memo card and shopping list column