A4 30 Micron Plastic Wallets Punched Poly Pocket Paper Document Files, 100Pack


Buy 30 Micron Glass Clear Plastic Poly Punched Wallets

Introducing our 30 Micron 100-Pack A4 Glass Clear Plastic Wallets, designed to keep your documents organized, protected, and easily accessible. 

Product Features:

  • Superior protection: 

Crafted from durable 30-micron thick polypropylene, these wallets ensure your documents are shielded from spills, dirt, and dust.

  • Convenient design: 

Equipped with a standard 2-hole punch, allowing effortless insertion and secure storage in ring binders or lever arch files.

  • Crystal clear visibility: 

The transparent pockets provide excellent clarity, allowing you to easily view contents without having to remove the documents.

  • Versatile and spacious: 

Accommodates various paper sizes, including A4, letter size, and legal-size documents, making it a versatile choice for your needs.

  • Reinforced edges: 

The reinforced edges prevent tearing or fraying, ensuring the wallets maintain their integrity and durability over time.

  • Easy to use: 

Simply slide your documents into the pocket with perfectly aligned punched holes for a hassle-free user experience.

  • Neat and professional: 

Maintain a clean and organized appearance for your important documents, enhancing your overall presentation and impression.

  • Quantity: 

Available in 1 Pack, 3 Pack, and 5 Pack. Each pack contains 100 wallets, providing ample supply for personal, office, or school use. Keep your important documents safe and organized with ease.