2023-2024 A2 Mid Year Student Academic Wall Planner With Pen & Dots


Buy A2 Mid Year Student Academic Wall Planner

Our laminate dry-wipe academics wall calendar is perfect for assignment or event planning, team collaboration, or arranging your weekly schedule, monthly assignment deadlines, and yearly goals. A great addition to any classroom, conference room, or just about any wall to help you get more done.

Start preparing now, so you don't have to worry about missing deadlines or due dates. A2 academic wall planner assists your team in meeting deadlines and completing tasks on time. Teachers may use it as a project calendar, and students can use it to keep track of the entire academic year for any trimester or quarterly.

The months are shown linearly from left to right in this magnificent landscape design, with weekends in the shade to break up the months. This book is a must-have for everyone interested in education or operating within the school program.

Dates are highlighted on the left, while the Notes column is right. This unmounted planner comes with a pen and colored sticky dots, making it great for household, university digs, or school.

Features :

  • The A2 2023-2024 academic mid year calendar is the most important planner calendar for students. It has made the pen and adhesive dots for posing with rolls. 
  • It has made the covering for different periods. It has been made from August 2023-2024. Also, it lands up with 594mm and 420 mm. 
  • One can make out for a full 13 months at a glanced laminated unmounted year wall planning. 
  • The calendar has made with a complete pen and colored adhesive dots. 
  • This product proves essential for any person who is attached to education. Also, it can prove essential with working with academic calendars. 

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