2024 Calendar, Planners & Personal Organisers, Slim Calendar Wall Planners, Holidays and Notable Dates


Introducing the 2024 Slim Calendar - Your Ultimate Organizer and Planner. Stay ahead and organized throughout the year with our meticulously designed 2024 Slim Calendar is a must-have for your home, business, office, or school.

Product Features

  • Efficient Monthly Display: 

Each page of this slim calendar is dedicated to one month, ensuring a clear and organized view of your schedule and plans for the month ahead.

  • Spiral Bound for Convenience: 

The calendar is thoughtfully spiral-bound, allowing you to easily flip over to the next month and keep track of important dates and events effortlessly.

  • Comprehensive Holiday and Notable Dates: 

This calendar features a detailed compilation of holidays and notable dates for the year 2024, helping you plan your activities and events effectively.

  • Phases of the Moon Display: 

In addition to keeping you updated on dates, the calendar also displays the phases of the moon, aiding in planning outdoor activities, events, or even stargazing nights.

  • Perfect Size for Any Space: 

The approximate dimensions of 35CM x 10.49CM make it a versatile choice, fitting seamlessly in your home, office, business, or school space without overwhelming the decor.

  • Color Option:

Available in two colors: Vibrant Red & Stylish Sky Blue

Start your year right and achieve your goals with the 2024 Slim Calendar - the ideal companion to keep your life on track and well-organized.