3 Pack of Wrapping Paper Roll For Christmas, Birthday, Festival, Party & Wedding Gift, 4M


Buy 3 Pack of Wrapping Paper Roll For Christmas, Birthday, Festival, Parties & Wedding Gift

Every Christmas, Birthday, and Festival is different. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on wrapping paper. With the right quantity of our rolls, you can be prepared for any celebration. The 3 Pack Traditional christmas wrapping paper rolls For Christmas has plenty of patterned designs and the 4M pack has many holiday designs, so get your wrapping done without breaking the bank.

  • Different Design: 

This is a pack of 4M rolls of wrapping paper that come in 3 different colors and designs. All of the patterns of our wrapping paper are designed by ourselves. Just give your family, friends, and colleagues a new and unique Christmas gift this year.

  • Desirable Quality:

Made from premium quality material, this wrapping paper is truly a green choice. You will not worry about tearing or ripping while wrapping with our wrapping paper.

  • Multi-Functional Applications:

Our 3 Pack of Wrapping Paper Rolls is the perfect wrapping paper for any occasion. It comes in one color of your choice and can be used in countless ways in addition to gift wrappings - such as in craft projects, wall and bulletin board decorations, greeting card decorations, scrapbooking, and book covers.

  • Size: 

These 3 rolls are 4 meters long and can be used to wrap Christmas Gift

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