A1 Laminated Wall Calendar, Planner, 2024 Year, 85cm X 58cm


Buy A Large Laminated Wall Calendar With Stickers And Dry Wipe Pen 

A1 Laminated Wall Calendar is designed to provide you with a large calendar that can be put up on the wall or simply placed on the table. You will be able to plan your work and leisure activities in one place without having to carry around a whole stack of calendars.

This Laminated Wall Calendar extends for 13 months from January 2024 through to January 2025. 

This planner is a perfect tool to help you stay organized and on top of all your appointments. It features writing space for each day, space for important notes, public holidays, a pen, and adhesive dots.

This is an unmounted, laminated planner that is ideal for home, office, or school. It features a calendar from the year 2024 and has a size of 85cm x 58cm. It is made from quality paper and the cover comes in rainbow colors.