2024 Red and Black Desktop Flip Calendar


A desktop flip calendar is the need of every office and school. Additionally, wherever busy work schedules run. Standing flip calendar 2024 will be the first essential thing people will run to grab it.

Every citizen changed their desktop flip calendar in any way. Although it is too light to carry and too fancy to put on a desk. Before it becomes too late, buy the 2024 flip desk calendar first. Thus, a purchase desktop flip calendar online from the 1Above store.

Product Specification of Desktop Flip Calendar

  • Weight of the product - 240 g
  • Format of the calendar- desktop flip calendar
  • Style of the product- Freestanding
  • Binding of the product- spiral binding
  • Speciality- 8 lines per week, cleanable,
  • Colour- Vibrant red and black & Stylish blue and black
  • Quantity - 1 desktop flip calendar
  • Paper- thick

Features of The Desktop Flip Calendar

  • The desktop flip calendar is manufactured with superior paper along with quality ink.
  • It doesn't need support for standing, it is the free-standing flip calendar
  • You can turn pages easily because of strong metal spiral binding and flexible built-in
  • The desktop flip calendar will keep your schedule organised and will make you remember if you place it in front of your desk.