2000W Convector Heater with 3 Heat Settings, Safety Cut-Out Function with Thermostat Dial - Electric Heater for Home, Office and Bedroom (White)


Product Specifications of Electric Convector Heater

Powerful 2000W Heater - The wall-mounted convector heater immensely produces 2000W power that is enough to make a warm room within a few minutes. It is best to stay warm in cold months with your friends and family. It guarantees instant heat that is long-lasting and the convector heater heats up quite faster than all the oil alternatives. 

Adjustable Thermostat - This convector heater comes with a handy thermostat dial that is used to change the temperature. It informs you of the current temperature and once the room reaches the desired temperature it will turn off. Get your convector heaters online as it is a nice way to keep your room warm and cozy all the time.

Safe to Use - The heater comes equipped with safety overheat cut-out function. The indicator light will let you know if the heating is still active or not. If it produces too much heat, it will automatically cut out the power with built-in overheat protection. It prevents danger so there will be no consequence. 

3 Heat Settings - This heater comes with 3 different heat settings. The low/medium/high setting with variable thermostat. It is the preferred electric heater for houses as you can choose the heat settings that suit you for the best results. Also, it indicates which setting is activated. Use the heater all year round. 

Easy to Move - The heater is versatile in free-standing so you can move around to warm up your living, bedroom, garage, office, or wherever it’s needed. It is extremely lightweight so you can transport an electric heater for the bedroom and different rooms quickly and easily. It is the perfect solution to heat a room in the house that features groove handles on both sides for easy lifting. 

Sleek and Modern Design - This Thermostat Electric Heater has a modern and stylish look with a clean, slim, and simple design that is perfect for any place. Need a heater to warm up in the cold winter months? Buy an electric heater for your home and ease your work. 

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