Plastic Barrel Planter

5 Large Plastic Barrel Planter Ideas for Your Home Garden

5 Large Plastic Barrel Planter Ideas for Your Home Garden

Is anybody who doesn't feel better when they're close to lush greenery? Most of us do, yet we typically reject the concept of keeping houseplants owing to lack of room or impatience.

But if you're a green thumb who's always been looking for novel and inventive container gardening solutions, you're in luck since this piece is all about ingenious containers for plants that will make your green thumb dreams come true.

Charming Mosaics

Using your old, worn terracotta pots and some colorful broken glass or stones is one of the most exemplary low-cost ideas for garden containers. It's up to you to shatter the mirror into pieces of varying sizes and glue them onto the pot to create a design on a large plastic barrel planter. To add a touch of glitz, paint the pot a contrasting color before adhering to the glass, and you'll have a beautiful vessel in no time.

This is, without a doubt, a top-tier layout for a plant-based container garden! You may use whatever kind of wooden stepladder you have lying around. Paint it a bright new color and begin stacking pots of varying heights on its shelves. Use your old planters and boxes as a focal point for your patio or porch by painting them in the same or contrasting colors.

Perfection in a Basket

Do you happen to have any new cane or wooden baskets sitting around? Then it's time to start planting in pots! Small plastic pots or terracotta planters filled with blooming plants like petunias, begonias, etc., can make a beautiful planter. You may put it on your porch or hang it on the wall to make your home's entryway more welcoming.

Mystical Bike Baskets

Using a rusty bicycle as a planter for the front entrance creates a magical effect. If the bike has a basket, utilize it! The bicycle may be painted in color, from white to yellow to red. Moss may be used as a foundation, and dirt can be added to the basket. Plant some blossoms, ferns, or trailing plants for a magical effect.

Games with Tools

If you've thought that your old, rusted toolbox is useless, you should reconsider; it may be repurposed into a stylish planter to liven up any room or outdoor space in your house. Stunning planters may be made from ordinary cardboard boxes by drilling holes in the bottom, filling them with potting soil, and planting seeds or young plants in large plastic barrel planters.

A Frenzy for the Barrels

Taller plants are well suited for use in wine or beer barrels. For added drama in your outdoor environment, paint the barrel a bold color, fill the bottom with dirt, and plant colorful flowers like Tropicana cannas or grasses like fountain grass. If the barrel doesn't already have them, you may add rope handles so that it's more convenient to transport.

Add some curb appeal to the back of your home with a few easy-to-implement container garden designs that use drainage tiles. A wooden or plastic foundation may be used for stability, and custom tile cuts are available. Make sure you drill a few holes at the bottom for water to escape. Put up your own unique and creative herb garden with these tiles.

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