Plastic Barrel Planter

Expert Guide To Choose Large Plastic Barrel Planter

Expert Guide To Choose Large Plastic Barrel Planter

The plastic barrel planter is used in gardens in all areas. Plastic barrels hold flowers, vegetables, and herbs. When you notice that your garden soil is poor, the plants will grow well in the soil mix in the container. Barrels elevate the plants and make the watering and harvesting easier. They are primarily inexpensive for purchase and last for several years.

How Do You Plant in a Large Plastic Barrel Planter?

  • Drill a drain hole in the bottom of the plastic barrel.
  • Fill the barrel with the sterilized potting soil.
  • Mix the balanced time and release fertilizer into the soil.
  • Locate the vegetable varieties suitable for the container. Consider planting several types of flowers in the barrel.
  • Water the pots once per day. Don't allow the soil to become dry.
  • Avoid pouring the water on the leaves to minimize the chance of disease. Mostly cover the soil with straw, which usually helps to reduce the water loss.
  • Place the plastic barrel in a protected area during the winter season. The cool-season vegetables such as radishes and spinach can grow in the winter season.

Expert Guide To Choose the Barrel Planter:

The Plastic pots are lightweight and moisture-conservation. Primarily the semi-flexible pots work best for the cold season like winter. Plant directly into the plastic pot, then slip the plastic pot as a decorative container. The expert guide to choosing the plastic planter:

  • Plant Selection
  • Exposure
  • Watering
  • Winter
  • Mobility

Plant Selection:

If you are choosing the plastic planter, then select the suitable plants. Mainly plastic planters support all kinds of plants. Just have a couple of questions while selecting the plastic planter:

  • Can the plant survive in dry conditions using the plastic planter?
  • Can you put the Ornamental grass in the plastic planter?
  • Can you use the large plastic barrel planter for the indoor decorations?
  • Can you combine plants in a plastic container?


Check whether the container can be exposed to the hot midday sun. Also, see that the plastic barrel dries out faster than the soil in the garden. If you're planting in a fully sunny place, you use this barrel.


Is someone able to water daily? If not, does the pot or container have a reservoir so they can fill from the bottom and use it whenever they want.


Check where the planter can tolerate during the winter season. The plastic barrel planter mostly will not suit during the winter. Better try to use frost-safe containers like stone, cement, and wood. Most containers need extra protection during the winter.


Check the convenience of the planter. Sometimes you need to move the planter wherever you need. If you want to move the pot, think twice about buying a heavy or lighter pot.


Using the large plastic barrel planter, you can plant more plants that produce flowers, veggies, and fruits. Follow all the above steps mentioned and try to choose the suitable plastic planter which suits your garden. One of the easy steps to maintaining your garden is to choose a suitable planter.

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