How Much Does It Cost to Install Bird Spikes?

How Much Does It Cost to Install Bird Spikes?

How Much Does It Cost to Install Bird Spikes?

Are you increasingly frustrated with birds sitting on your home porch? In that case, it might be time for you to take some urgent measures to curb the nuisance caused by birds. When it comes to taking certain measures, choosing to install bird spikes could be the most cost-effective option. The bird spikes are known to make it difficult for birds to land on surfaces or create nests. Even the installation process of bird spikes is fairly simple, and following a few steps could do the work for you.

These bird spikes could be installed at any place surrounding your home, such as ceilings, fences, AC units, and curved surface pipes. Nevertheless, these anti-bird spikes are not meant to hurt the birds as they are made blunt to prevent wounding them. You can find such bird spikes in a variety of shapes and sizes to target specific categories of birds. 

Steps to follow for installing bird spikes

Identifying the problem

One of the first steps that you need to follow when it comes to installing bird spikes would be to identify the problem. By recognizing the problem, you would be able to determine your targets while choosing the bird spikes that suit your chosen category of birds. Moreover, you need to also choose the area where the spikes are needed to be laid down. Remember, the length and width of your bird spikes need to be accurate to keep the birds at bay. 

Collecting necessary materials

Once you have conducted an overview of the space where anti-bird spikes need to be installed, you need to purchase anti-bird spikes and adhesive tools like a ladder, screwdriver, and drilling machine. All of those items or equipment would play a major role in the overall installation process. This is a cost that you need to separately spare in order to complete the installation process effectively. 

Picking the best spikes

Not every bird that lands on your perch is of the same size. Therefore, you need to purchase different bird spikes that adhere to their body size. Ensure the spikes you selected deter those specific categories of birds. Otherwise, the problem of birds creating a nuisance might not be overcome easily. 

Keeping the surface clean

Before putting the anti-bird spikes in their necessary place, you need to remove dirt from the surface by cleaning the solution. After cleaning, ensure the surface is dry thoroughly before proceeding with the installation of bird spikes. By cleaning the necessary surface area, you are ensuring the anti-bird spikes stay in their place properly for a long time. 

Measure the surface area

Choosing the surface where you want to install the bird spikes wouldn't complete the overall work. You need to measure the length of those surface areas before choosing to install the bird spikes. Calculating the number of bird spikes that are needed to be installed over the area would be important. You need to purchase the correct number of bird spikes in order to cover the whole area with anti-bird spikes. 

Using strong glue or drilling machines

When it comes to installing the bird spikes, you can choose glue or drilling machines based on the condition of your chosen surface area. This step is known to play an important role as it would determine whether the spikes installed will stay at their place for a long time or not. Moreover, the spikes should be put in such a way that they can overcome harsh weather conditions easily. 

Covering the whole space

Once you have started the process of installing bird spikes, you need to repeat the process until their no more space left. Even though this step could be a little time-consuming based upon the total surface area that you are looking to cover. However, please try to take your time when completing this step, as it is crucial to put every bird spike correctly. 

Ensure no gap is left in between

While installing the bird spikes, you need to ensure there are no gaps between them. If certain gaps are left, the birds can still try to poach or land in those spaces. Therefore, after completing your overall installation process, try to take a look at whether there is any space left. When finding those spaces, put up the necessary bird spikes effectively. 

Keep the surface area under close monitoring

When you have completed installing the bird spikes in the necessary spaces, you need to start observing or monitoring them closely. This would help you find whether the bird spikes are working efficiently or not. For instance, if you find the birds landing on the surface even after spikes are installed. In that case, it could mean you have to resolve those issues before the problem widens. 

Conduct regular maintenances

Even if the birds are not able to sit on your perch, the dirt and debris will continue to accumulate over the surface. Therefore, try to use a regular brush or a cleaning solution to keep the surface cleansed. 


These are a few of the steps that you need to follow while determining how much it costs to install bird spikes. Even though the steps look easier on paper, certain risks must be kept in mind throughout the installation process. The overall cost to complete this process would be based on the type of material you use and the time taken to complete the installation.

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