Cooling Tower Fan

The Difference Between Cooling Tower Fan & Air Cooler

The Difference Between Cooling Tower Fan & Air Cooler

The scorching heat of summer is a living nightmare, especially when you have to deal with it without any external cooling mechanism. If you are restrained in the budget, then a cooling tower fan and an air cooler are your best options. 

Both are capable of cooling your surrounding and provide you with ultimate relief from the torturous summer heat. However, they are different in their efficiency and working mechanisms. 

Cooling Tower Fans

Tower fans are not your regular fans but are built with a tall tower-like structure with a fan mounted on top. The fan here is much more potent than the traditional ones and oscillates. It has a tiny inlet on its side, allowing the air to get drawn in. 

The cooling tower fan distributes the air evenly throughout the room. It even covers a wider circumference area as it blows at a 90-degree angle, contributing to the factor of its towering height. It has a stylish look to itself. 


  • Most significantly, a cooling tower fan emits no noise, so it is very convenient. 
  • It consumes less electricity and is energy-efficient compared to air coolers and AC.
  • These fans are cheap as well as portable.
  • A cooling tower fan has an ionizing feature that not only cools the air but also purifies it.
  • They utilize the cool air from floor level (recollect heat rises) and blow that air out into the room, flowing the air to make a breeze chill factor. 

Air coolers

An air cooler is deemed to be the best alternative for an air conditioner in terms of its cost and energy efficiency. It is designed to propel cool air into the atmosphere like a refrigerator. They can efficiently cool your surroundings. 


  • As an air cooler uses the evaporation cooling method, it adds humidity and moisture into the atmosphere. This prevents the atmosphere around you from going dry.
  • An air cooler is cheaper than an air conditioner and more or less provides the same benefits.
  • Air coolers have these filters, which remove the dust and pollens from the air.
  • They are eco-friendly and even make the air healthier.

However, if you compare an air cooler with a cooling tower fan, the latter is more likely to win mainly because:

  • Cooling tower fans are way more affordable and budget-friendly than air coolers.
  • Tower fans are more energy-efficient than air cooler fans. This causes your electricity bills to go down.
  • Air coolers are bulkier and less aesthetic, but a cooling tower fan is pleasant to the eyes and fits perfectly in your room.
  • One stark difference between the two is that an air cooler needs a regular refill of the water sump, whereas a cooling tower fan can function for long hours without assistance.
  • Your cooling tower fans make no noise when functioning, but the air coolers are very noisy and disturbing.
  • However, an Air cooler is more cooling and efficient in that sector than any cooling tower fan.


Now you can choose and select what suits your requirements the best—both have their advantages.

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