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Top 5 Fun Water Balloons Activities For Kids

Top 5 Fun Water Balloons Activities For Kids

If summer visits your place and makes you hot, then you have to be cool by playing the water games and taking the items that can bear the hot of the sun. You can also provide a lot of water balloons games for your kids to make them learn and enjoy the hot time. 

You can use Water Balloons that look colorful and attractive that can make your kids play and enjoy their valuable time. When the kids play these kinds of balloon games, then they can feel free and overcome the hot weather condition in their area. This activity makes them kindle their minds and learn the subject effectively.  

What Is The Best Water Balloon Activity For Kids?

When the summer temperature hits you, it is a great way to get out the door and play cool fun water games. Using the balloons in your gaming can be more impressive and make your kids play the game and learn some interesting things. 

The educational team in this universe is building the best gameplay for the kids to enjoy and gain some knowledge in gaming. There are a lot of awesome activities and games for the kids that involve water balloons in it. They are explained in the below content to make you happy. 

1. Water Balloons Phonics

If you like to make your kids learn about phonics, then this water balloon phonic activity will satisfy you and your expectations. It will be the better way for your kid to understand the phonics sound, do the activity, and be involved in it excellently. 

The kids can play this phonic game using the Water Balloons, creating a lot of happiness in their minds. This fun phonics game for your younger kids can make them enjoyable, and you have to display the starting letters on a wall or write them in chalk on the ground. 

Students have to take the balloon with a letter airing and splat the balloon on the letter that would come before the pairing.  

2. Water Balloon Shape Matching Activity

The water balloon shape-matching activity is one the wonderful activity for the kids. It is one of the interesting games where you can use Water Balloons with many colors. This activity is only perfect for students who are covering 2-D shape recognition. 

You can take the students out the door to match the shapes drawn on the water balloons with the chalk shapes on the ground. They can also fling the interconnected balloons onto their matching profiles.

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3. Water Balloon Pass Game

The water balloon pass game is wonderful for you to develop motor skills in younger students for facilitating good teamwork with the older students; the students have to throw the balloon from payer to player. 

You have to step back each throw and be careful not to drop or pop it. This activity will be mind-blowing gaming where two members must pay it and throw the balloons correctly at the right time. 

4. Sight Word Water Balloons

The sight word water balloons activity is stunning using the Water Balloons. It demands a cluster of water balloons, a feature to register the eyesight phrases, and some hula rounds. The students must pick the balloon and read the world on it before throwing it into one of the hoops on the ground. 

The sight word water balloon game can make your children enjoy their time in it on hot days in the summer. It is the best teaching aid for the kid to know about the different words in the balloon. 

5. Water Balloon Toss

The water balloon toss is also another excellent activity for the kids, making them enjoy gaming. If they play this activity, it is a great way to improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination in younger students. 

They also use cardboard and coloring, construct the balloon toss prey, and then load some moisture balloons for pleasure. This toss game will be mesmerizing for the children, who like it more than any other activity. 


Therefore these are the top 5 Fun Water Balloons Activities for Kids that can make them enjoy the summer days. They can enjoy the hot weather and learn and understand more things that will help them in their studies. 

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