2L Long Hot Water Bottle With Soft Plush Cover, 76x13 cm


Buy Extra Long Hot Water Bag for Neck, Waist, Back, Legs, and Shoulder

If you are looking for a hot water bottle that keeps your hands and legs warm but is easy to carry, this is the one you are looking for. 

  • Anti-leak Design: 

This long hot water bottle is made of soft plush with a white lid for comfort and convenience. There is no need to worry about water leakage. The bottle features a wide mouth for easy fill and emptying. It's recommended to add the hot water to 2/3 of the maximum capacity.

  • Extra Long Hot Water Bottle:

The 2L hot water bottle is long enough (76x13cm) to help soothe your aches and pains, protects your skin from heat, and keep you free from burns. This hot water bottle has a soft plush cover to keep it warm and has an innovative design which means it can be held under the arm or over the shoulder.

  • Superior Quality:

A 2L Long Hot Water Bottle is a perfect choice to keep you warm at home or in the office. It is made of pure natural rubber, non-toxic, and explosion-proof to meet safety standards BS1970: 2012, safely for long-term use. The soft plush cover also provides a smooth and comfortable surface that can be washed.

  • Warm Gift:

Our long hot water bottles are the best choice to gift your friends and family and lovers in winter, on Birthdays, New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and other important days. It provides long-lasting warmth. 

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