Dehumidifier 700ml Ultra Quiet Compact, Portable with LED Power Indicator for Removing Damp Moisture in Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Bathroom, Garage, Wardrobe


Product Specifications of Portable LED Power Bathroom Dehumidifier 

700ML Water Tank - It features a large water tank for continuous drainage. When the dehumidifier reaches its maximum capacity an indicator light lets you know when it is full. So it's easy to remove the front water tank that prevents an overflow of collected water. It switches off automatically when the reservoir gets emptied. 

Smart & Portable Dehumidifier - Humidity is everywhere and that’s why portable dehumidifiers online are a must! 1Above has a small dehumidifier for bedroom bathroom, kitchen, garage, or any area that is prone to damp air. You can easily carry it anywhere as it is lightweight and portable. It is a satisfying solution and you can conveniently use it in any small place that clogs up the air!

Low Noise Level - The bathroom dehumidifier uses Peltier technology that operates on sound between 20dB to 35dB. So you can use this small dehumidifier for the bedroom without disturbing your sleep and have peace of mind. No more noisiness and the discomfort of loud noise.
Water Tank Alarm - There is a customized function that when the tank is full, the indicator notifies you to empty the tank to avoid water overflow. Simply grasp the notch at the bottom and pull it out with both hands and pour the water out. It's time to buy a dehumidifier for bedroom from 1Above with these amazing functionalities. 
Good Helper in Moisture Extraction - This dehumidifier uses semiconductor elements to condense the moisture of the air to water. It's perfect to remove dampness and moisture from your home, bedroom, bathroom, or any place. This moisture dehumidifier online operates great and the water droplets collected in a 750ml water tank improve your quality of living life effectively. 
Boost Healthy Life - This portable dehumidifier for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and more creates a healthy environment by reducing bacteria. It works great with those having breathing problems or allergies. Also, the noise is below 35dB with no annoying sound and the perfect choice for small rooms and poorly ventilated areas. 
Compact - It takes up little space, controls bacteria growth and condensation. There is a washable filter in the dehumidifier so it's easy to clean and keeps the dust away. 
Extract 20L Per Day - It is an ideal dehumidifier for bedroom, homes, basements, bathroom places that suffer from damp and humid conditions because it removes up to 300ml of water per day. Also very efficient because the energy consumption is quite low. 

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