Durable Waterproof Christmas Tree Storage Bag With Carry Handles


Buy Dual Zippered Xmas Tree Storage Bag- Fits 7FT Tall Tree

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Product Information

  • Easy storage: 

Easily store your Christmas tree in our 120cm-long storage bag, which is big enough to hold a dismantled 7-foot tree and is also perfect for storing other holiday decorations like garlands, wrapping paper, and more.

  • Secure & Safe: 

Our sturdy Christmas tree bag is composed of water-resistant polyethylene material to prevent mold growth and water damage, as well as to shield your tree and ornaments from insects, moisture, and dust.

  • Easy To Carry: 

The tree and decoration storage bag's two stitch handles make it simple to transport between storage spaces and the living area.

  • Easy To Use: 

Take the tree apart, place it in the bag, secure the zip, and store it securely. A ready-to-use tree for decorating will be preferable to purchasing a new one each year. 

Consequently, you may save time and money every Christmas. The only purchase you will ever need to make to keep your favorite trees tidy and clean is this bag, which you may use year after year.

  • Moisture-Resistant: 

This fake tree storage bag is moisture-resistant and composed of water-resistant polyethylene plastic to guard against water damage.

  • Simple Identification: 

A festive, bright red holiday storage bag stands out in storage, assisting you in finding your fake Christmas tree storage box, and an attached card slot enables you to identify the contents of the container.