Heavy Duty 1A Electric Razor Shaver, Toothbrush Charger Plug Adapter


Buy Heavy Duty UK 1A Electric Razor Shaver/Toothbrush Charger Plug Adapter

This adapter is incredibly small and securely fits into a wall socket. Electric shavers may be charged with the two to three prong adapter.

Product Details

Adapter for a razor or toothbrush Create a 3 pin UK converter plug from a 2 pin socket to charge electric shavers, razors, and toothbrushes. Simply installing the adapter plug to the wall will give you peace of mind when charging your appliances.

EU Toothbrush Charger Plug Adapter to UK plug In addition to charging toothbrushes and electric shavers, it can also charge more powerful devices like cellphones, laptops, or hair dryers with a 1A fuse.

750oC PC flame-retardant material, grounding to avoid malfunctions, and child safety design provide 360-degree protection for you, your family, and your gadgets.

Designing Compactly Simply insert the adapter between the wall socket and your device to connect gadgets safely and easily with the Europe to UK travel plug. This adapter is incredibly small and securely inserts into the wall socket.

A typical 3 pin UK socket may be used to charge electrical shavers, razors, toothbrushes, or epilators thanks to the LENCENT two to three prong converter's "universal compatibility." Compatible with all leading brands, including Panasonic, Colgate, Oral-B, Braun, Smart Series, TriZone, Advance Power, Pro Health, Triumph, Plak Control 3D, Vitality Precision Clean, Sensitive Clean, and others. 

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