Multi Coloured Large Tissue Gift Wrapping Paper, 50X75 cm


Buy Multi Coloured Large Tissue Paper For Gift Bags, DIY Art Crafts, Floral, Holidays, And Birthdays

  • Premium Quality Value Pack

This tissue paper comes with premium quality and will be worth your money. You can also have tissue paper on hand, as you use it for gift wrapping. This Multi Coloured Tissue Paper comes with 30 piece value pack. It has 50 x 75 CM sheets in ten different colors. You can also gift this multi-colored tissue paper to your friend or loved ones, as it will look unique.

  • Vibrant Prime Colours

This Multi Coloured Gift Wrapping Tissue Paper comes in various shades that look like rainbow colors which can easily match any style of craft and art assignments or projects. For any occasion or party, you can find perfect colors that everyone will like. You can quickly get all the colors that you need.

  • High-Quality Tissue Paper

This Multi Coloured Tissue Paper comes with a value pack of 30 sheets of premium quality. You can also use this Tissue paper for gift wrapping, which makes it easy to bend, fold, hold, shape, glue and create anything you want. You can also easily withstand cutting and folding without tearing the Tissue Paper.

  • Perfect for

You can easily use Tissue paper to make pompoms, creative flowers, bouquet wraps, party decorations, Tissue paper collages, and other festival parts. This Multi-colored Tissue paper can fulfill all your requirements to complete all kinds of art projects and craft creations. It looks decent if you are thinking of gifting someone. 

  • Gift Wrapping Must Have

You can also use Multi Coloured Tissue paper to keep in your house for all your gift-wrapping requirements. You can use this Tissue Paper for gift bags or wrapping expensive products. You can also visit our website and place an order from it.

  • Dimensions

Multi Coloured Tissue Paper comes in A size of 50x75cm. Also, it’s very easy to use and very convenient to meet all your gift-wrapping decorating requirements. You can easily cut this tissue paper into small parts to make circle or square so that you can create a school or college projects and so on. 

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