Personalize Merry Christmas Large Santa Sack Gifts Bag, Brown, 70x50cm


Buy Personalized Traditional Vintage Santa Sack Stocking Accessories Gifts Bag

As the last step of your Christmas preparations, personalize your Christmas Santa sack with the recipient's name on it and create a unique gift for your loved ones. 

You can use your creativity to design names with different colors and styles. This Christmas sack is perfect for giving gifts to children, family, or friends.

This Santa Sack is a fun, creative stocking. It's made out of vintage brown jute and is 70cm x 50cm. Perfect for Christmas gifts or whatever else you may need to carry in it. The perfect decoration to bring cheer to your home!

This large brown sack is perfect to put your Christmas presents in. With a drawstring to tighten up and tie around the top, it provides extra security for your gifts.

This brown bag is made from natural jute material with plenty of room to be filled in with all of the presents and gifts.