Double Collapsible Laundry Bag, Durable Fabric Basket, Portable Folding Washing Bin

  • Soft Grip: The laundry bag comes with an aluminum handle. The handle gets prepared with an EVA hand protection ring. The extended length of the handle allows one to carry the basket with little effort on arms. This product comes with the double section. Hence, one can easily sort their laundry based on colors.
  • Material: This product gets prepared using double-layer waterproof 600D oxford fabric. Hence, one can easily maintain it lifelong. The firm handle comes with a soft EVA grip. Therefore one can make its use anywhere.
  • Portable: Don’t forget about the fact of the laundry basket. It allows one to make carry, store, or even get feet in the cabinet. Suppose preferable one can adjust it in any drawer. In short, this laundry bag will help you to save space at home.
  • Dimensions: The laundry bag comes with 36cm x 28 cm x 48 cm. it has the capacity of up to 70L.
  • Design: Switch over the stylish DARK and LIGHT text. It will strike the eye easily from far distances too. its perfect for keeping household products, make your room cleaner than before. One can adjust this stylish product in the bedroom, bathroom, storage bag, and more. It also comes with standing effects. Hence, you can place the things to adjust products.