Union Jack 7M Long Triangular Bunting 25 Pendant Flags


Union Jack 7M Long Triangular UK Bunting Flags

The vintage union jack bunting, often known as the Union flag, is a well-known pattern that has influenced plenty of other national flags around the world. The symbol of England, with the St George's Cross, the flag of Scotland, with the St Andrew's Cross, and also the red saltire of St Patrick, representing Ireland, are all shown.

These red, white, and blue colors contrast beautifully and produce a stunning design! We have a great selection of British bunting at The Flag Shop that you can use at your next party or event. So, have a look through our selection to find your favorites and make absolutely sure your next major event is British & bright so your visitors can have a good time! If you enjoy the aesthetic of classic bunting, the union jack bunting online is for you.

Some Variations And Uses of Buy Union Jack Flag Bunting:

  • This decoration can be hung indoors or outdoors, around walls or around fences, and is ready for your special occasion.
  • It features 50 triangular British flags that spread for an incredible 66 feet (20 meters) in length. Each banner is approximately 20cm × 19cm in size, allowing everyone to see the Union flag's colors.
  • The bunting is composed of sturdy and high-quality polyester, making it a long-lasting decoration that may be used all year.
  • The union jack bunting online is another popular choice for special occasions and British holiday festivities.
  • The bunting is constructed of robust polyester tape that can be used indoors while outdoors in all meteorological conditions, and the flags are also made of polyester.